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Landlords Rejoice! Reduce Construction Waste and Environmental Impact with DIRTT.

Watch how Building Better with DIRTT can reduce waste, lessen your footprint on the environment, and make Tenant Improvements and relocation a seamless process by its unique re-useability characteristics. DIRTT prides itself on sustainability and flexibility of using its environmentally friendly materials in virtually any situation without the need to wait extended periods or long building processes. Landlords can offer DIRTT as the perfect construction solution for their tenants whether temporary or long-term, and benefit from the faster time to occupancy, lessened costs of waste, impact on neighboring tenants and surrounding traffic. Landlords can now allow tenants to take their walls with them if they move out and offer a completely unique and customized space to incoming tenants with shortened construction timelines. If the Landlord decides to keep the DIRTT walls, reconfiguration, expandability, and ease of re-branding by switching out wall panels in minutes is more of DIRTT's characteristics that make it a go-to solution

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