HDZ is Doing It Right This Time! We're condensing multiple trades into one, chopping time off construction schedules, minimizing environmental footprint by eliminating substantial waste, leaving our Clients with much higher quality and value added materials on their site, and so much more!


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Patented Software - ICE

Our DIRTT Design Team works seamlessly with Architects and Engineers by utilizing a patented design software called ICE that virtually melts with standard industry design software such as AutoCAD, REVIT, and SketchUp to name a few. Fly through your space on any desktop or laptop, use Augmented Reality with an ipad or iphone to see your space come to life with the design we create together with you, or even pop on the VR Goggles to actually  tour your finished space. We give you that versatility of visualization that is unparalleled in construction design. What you see is EXACTLY what you get, at the cost we provide when we sign off on your design.


Save on Costs, Schedule, & Waste

Integrating DIRTT as the Basis of Design (BoD) for your project gives you the freedom to lock down your pricing with no material or labor cost escalations or change orders from unforeseen conditions. This decision also guarantees that you will be left with the highest quality construction materials, put together in a sophisticated LEGO fashion by factory qualified technicians at unparalleled speeds that the construction industry has desperately been calling for. DIRTT offers prefabricate raised floors to run your data and power under, solid or glass walls and doors with limitless integration capabilities to suit your functional and aesthetic requirements, millwork, and ceilings that top off your project with elegance, sophistication, and acoustical performance.



The Ultimate Integration

Utilizing DIRTT Environmental Solutions in every aspect of your project is the ideal scenario, but certain conditions create prohibitive scenarios. HDZ Builders utilizes vast conventional construction experience and resources to build UL Fire Rated Assemblies, drywall ceilings, headers, floors, acoustical ceiling grids, and so much more. HDZ integrates DIRTT with Conventional Construction in a seamless manner with pre-qualified and DIRTT friendly specialty trades to execute and integrate with your project. We can spearhead a new project or become a Super-Sub for your GC with far more added value than subcontracting multiple trades for the same work we perform under one roof.



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DIRTT finds itself repeatedly as the go-to interior construction solution for the Healthcare industry as it eliminates all the pain points associated with construction in healthcare. Some benefits include:

  • Pre wired and med-gas plumbed headwalls

  • Easily wipe-able  integrated media and willow glass walls with flush gaskets for infection prevention.

Contact us to find out how to use DIRTT in Hospitals, Assisted Living, Medical and Dental Office applications, to name a few.


From higher Education, to Charter, Private, and Public Schools, DIRTT realizes the need for innovative design combined with on time and on budget construction. We Build Better, and it's because of DIRTT. See why Educational Institutions across North America are ditching conventional construction to meet their stringent deadlines and budgets. Faculty, Staff, and Students all rave about the design flexibility and endless possibilities to evolve with a growing instititution.



We bring your office to life with unique branding and design, comfort, and custom fit your project for your business requirements. DIRTT offers


Run all your power, data, medical gases, and plumbing chases in our DIRTT walls and floors.
We offer Passive Optical Network (PON) to minimize the amount of cable running overhead or under your DIRTT floor system by using fiber optic technology systems that integrate seamlessly with your data distribution systems. 
Recess televisions into your walls, insert speakers, and even incorporate sound masking technology to drown out surrounding noise and keep privacy to optimum levels.
Additionally, our Power zone boxes reduce the amount of copper waste generated through conventional means of running cable. We streamline the process by offering pre-wired walls that simply plug into whips that connect to our zone boxes that are wired by a licensed electrician to your panel.
Medical gas lines come pre-plumbed from the DIRTT factory, and are easily moved and relocated with the change of a panel and a few screws.






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